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Non-Binary, Ex-Biden Official Released Without Bail Over Charges of Stealing Women's Luggage

Townhall Media

President Joe Biden's former non-binary nuclear waste official was released without bail on luggage theft charges. 

Sam Brinton walked out of a Minnesota courthouse on Wednesday after a preliminary hearing for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of women's clothing from suitcases at airports. 


The judge, who referred to the non-binary cross-dresser as "Mx. Brinton," ordered him not to contact any victims. He faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine if found guilty. 

The hearing was initially scheduled for December 19 but was postponed until February 15 following a request from Brinton's defense counsel. The ex-Biden official reportedly asked the judge to allow him to attend the hearing virtually, arguing that Brinton was dealing with "employment issues" and that the case had gained much media attention. However, the judge rejected the request. 

"The current District Policy does not allow for remote appearances to be conducted for Felony 1st Appearances on the Property Drug Calendar with the only exception given to inmates in the custody of the Department of Corrections of the State of Minnesota," Judge Gina Brandt wrote in a letter to Brinton's lawyers at the time. "Therefore, I must deny your request again."

His latest theft occurred on September 16 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, where he removed a tag from a woman's suitcase, walking out with it in his hand. The items inside allegedly were worth $2,325. 


American Airlines confirmed that Brinton had yet to check a bag for the flight despite leaving the airport with one. 

Two days after the incident, Brinton checked the bag as if it was his when he boarded another flight. He also used the bag for a trip to Europe in October. 

He admitted to taking the suitcase but claimed it was an "accident." 

Brinton is no longer a DOE employee; however, it is unclear whether he was fired or if he chose to resign. 

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