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Liberals Urge Biden Not to Do a Super Bowl Interview With Fox

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Joe Biden will emerge for a traditional Super Bowl interview on Sunday despite several liberals urging him not to. 

The reason is that the Super Bowl this year will be broadcast on Fox, known as its conservative news outlet. 


Earlier this week, the White House said Biden would not participate in the interview due to availability and lack of transparency. 

Biden would be too busy hiding away for the weekend after having to make too many big decisions during the week. 

However, the White House confirmed that Biden would participate in an interview with the network. 

"After the White House reached out to Fox Soul Thursday evening, there was some initial confusion," Fox Corp. said in a statement. "Fox Soul looks forward to interviewing the President for Super Bowl Sunday."

Liberal media, though, had a strong opinion, saying Biden should not give the interview. 

One of the finest ladies on The View, Joy Behar, claimed the interview would be a "problem," with several other hosts agreeing. 

"So, he would be interviewed by a Fox News journalist, Bret Baier or somebody like that. And it would give Biden a chance to get his message out to a huge audience. So, the question is should he do it?" Behar asked. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin argued that the President shouldn't do it, despite it being a tradition for the past several decades. 

"I don't think he should. I know that it's a tradition. The pregame show, this pre-interview, would only get about 20 million viewers. I think he got 27.3 for State of the Union. So, people have seen him, they've heard him. And I don't think you normalize the misinformation network," Hostin declared. 


She blasted the network for pushing conspiracy theories and "false" narratives on their viewers, complaining that Fox News host Tucker Carlson called Biden a "mannequin President."

"And I have trouble believing that he should sit down with a Shannon Bream or even with a Brett Baier because the bottom line is, they work for a network that puts forth conspiracy theories; they're election deniers," Hostin concluded. 

Fear is emerging that Biden will make himself and the Left look bad again amid many embarrassing blunders he tends to make while interviewing. 

Republican National Committee spokesman Tommy Pigott criticized the Biden Administration for trying to get the President out of the interview. 

"Every time Biden opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it," Pigott said. "He has done the fewest interviews of any president in modern history. He thinks he can avoid accountability by hiding from the press, avoiding hard questions, and going on vacation. He can't."

Biden has sat down with NBC and CBS for the past two Super Bowls, and none has ever received such harsh backlash until now that the game will be hosted on Fox. 

Earlier this week, before the interview was confirmed, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden was looking forward to speaking with Fox on Sunday; however, he was disappointed when the network decided to cancel it. 


However, Fox News anchor Bret Baier called the White House out, arguing that they never received a response. 

"Every year, traditionally, the network covering the Super Bowl gets an interview with the president of the United States," Baier said. "We have formally asked for that interview, but we have not received an answer yet, whether they will officially do it or not; we're running out of days."

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