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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) is calling out those who have criticized his "exaggerating," comparing it to President Joe Biden's 40-year career as a pathological liar. 


Just hours before officially resigning from his House committee seats, Santos said that he learned his lesson and that even though the president of the United States has gone through his career as a liar, it does not make it okay. 

"Just because the President of the United States is a 40-year career pathological liar doesn't make it OK for anyone else to go out and do that. And that was a terrible comparison," Santos said. Adding, "And I've learned my lesson. And I can guarantee you that from now on, anything and everything is always going to be above board. It's largely already been above board. I'm just going to go the extra step to double-check, cross-reference everything." 

Santos admitted to lying on his résumé several times, such as his college years and his "successful" career at two Wall Street firms while running for office.

The disgraced Republican defended his actions claiming that he felt the need to do it because he believed he wouldn't get to where he wanted to be career-wise without fabrication. 

However, he denied accusations that he has lied about his campaign finances. 

"I've never presented anything other than what my means allow me to, so I've never had to establish or present falsehoods pertaining to my own finances. I'm the first one to say 'not doing that, can't afford it.' I have no issue saying when I can and can't do things. I have no issues limiting my ability to write a check whether it's for a charity or a political engagement," Santos continued. 


He went on to claim that the media speaks down to him while claiming that he has built his career from the ground up, despite only getting where he is because of the tall tales he has told. 

"People like me aren't supposed to do big things in life and when we do, it disrupts the system," Santos said. Adding, "And I know that a lot of people want to create this narrative that I faked my way to Congress, which is absolutely, categorically false. I've built ground up a career through experience and knowledge and through self-education. I think it's amazing that I have to sit here and be spoken down to on a regular basis yet again by the media." 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) met with Santos earlier this week to discuss his position regarding his seat on two-fairly low profile committees as questions regarding ethical issues arise. 

Santo's campaign is being questioned whether or not it followed the law in its reporting to the Federal Election Commission, which, if found guilty of "knowingly and willfully made any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation" on its paperwork, could potentially face criminal charges. 

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