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Father Lashes Out At School Board Meeting Over Sexually Explicit Book Being Taught to 7 Year-Olds

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

A Canadian father of a fourth grader lost his cool with his daughter’s school district after finding out what she is being taught in the classroom. 

During a school board meeting, David Todor confronted the district after he discovered a book that contained sexually explicit content that was given to his seven-year-old daughter. 


“Who's interested in knowing and affirming, celebrating, my daughter's sexual orientation?! Why is the school board facilitating child abuse and has these books available in the library?” Todor said that was caught on video by journalist Cosmin Dzsurdzsa. 

Todor went on to say that the book, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, was approved by the school and made accessible to fourth and fifth graders. 

The father read a few lines from the book, which spoke of bestiality and male body parts. 

“He could have been an active homosexual but lacked the courage, bestiality did not occur to him, and sodomy was quite out of the question for he did not experience sustained erections and could not endure the thought of somebody else’s,” the book read. 

The book also had the line, ”I had a dream his penis changed into a long hickory stick, and the hands caressing it was the hands of M’Dear,” in it. 


As the meeting went on, the father mentioned a few surveys his daughter was given by the school which questioned their gender identity and sexual orientation. 

“Sexual orientation is a personal characteristic that forms part of who you are… it covers the range of feelings and expressions related to an individual’s romantic, and/or physical attraction. Sexual orientation is distinct from an individual’s gender identity. What is your sexual orientation?” read a question from one of the surveys. 

Todor lashed out at the school board members explaining that his daughter is in fourth grade and has no business being taught what her sexual orientation may be. 

Additionally, Todor said that he was appalled when he read some of the school policies regarding the matter, with one saying— “that a school should never disclose a student’s gender status to a student’s parent without the student’s prior consent.”


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