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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Hell must have frozen over… President Joe Biden is finally going to visit the southern border, only two years after the ravaging chaos has been going on. 


However, he avoided taking any responsibility for it. 

During a White House speech, Biden blamed the Republican Party for the invasion at the border. 

The president claimed that he had the plan to decrease illegal immigration but that Republicans opposed his legislation. 

“I sent congress a comprehensive piece of legislation that would completely overhaul what has been a broken immigration system for a long time,” Biden said in his speech. 

“Cracking down on illegal immigration, strengthening legal immigration, and protecting dreamers, those with temporary protective status, like farm workers, are part of the fabric of our nation,” Biden continued. “But congressional republicans have refused to consider my plan and they rejected my retest for an additional $3.5 billion to secure the border and funds for 2,000 new asylum personnel.”

Instead of acknowledging his administration is at the hands of the crisis, Biden pointed his finger at the divisiveness of politics. 

“Our politics have been so divisive. I know it’s getting much better, but it’s been so darned divisive [that] it clouds the picture,” Biden said. “Republicans haven’t been serious about it at all [about a solution]. Come on. They haven’t been serious at all.”


He continued to call on Republicans to help fix the issue, however, it is the GOP that has been the ones bringing awareness to the border crisis. 

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden has taken border security “very seriously since day one.” 

Earlier this week, Fox New’s Peter Doocey asked Jean-Pierre whether anyone at the White House thinks that the border is secure, to which she replied by also blaming Republicans for the problem. 

“The president is coming forward and trying to come up with solutions," Jean-Pierre said, adding "but the difference here is that you have Republicans, as you know, who are doing political stunts. And, you know, and we’ve called that out over and over and over again.”

However, on day one of Biden’s presidency, he signed an executive order halting the construction of the border wall, allowing thousands of illegal migrants to cross over into the U.S. 

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