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NYT Finally Admits 'Gender Affirming Care' Is Dangerous

AP Photo/Armando Franca

The New York Times published a lengthy story admitting that “gender-affirming” care could be harmful to kids. 

The article titled: “They Paused Puberty, But is There a Cost?” acknowledges that scientific evidence trumps what the woke media wants you to believe. 


The authors cite that over 300,000 adolescents between the ages of 13 to 17 are concerned with medical professionals about the consequences the drugs will have on them. 

“The questions are fueling government reviews in Europe, prompting a push for more research and leading some prominent specialists to reconsider at what age to prescribe them and for how long. A small number of doctors won’t recommend them at all,” the NYT article reads. 

The authors, Megan Twohey and Christina Jewett point out that an increasing amount of minors are regretting their choices to have life-alternating procedures done and take medication. 

Democrats and the liberal media have played their hand in fueling the epidemic of children thinking they were born in the wrong body. 

report published earlier this year argued that the Biden Administration blatantly ignored the many harmful side effects their push for gender-affirming care has on teens. 


Joe Biden’s policy claimed that if trans kids were not able to transition, not just socially, but permanently, then they might consider killing themselves. 

The report argued that not only was it out of line, but it was also inaccurate and had little to no evidence to back up its claims. 

The Times article notes how woke activists pressured authorities into approving medication and surgeries before doctors were even able to understand them. 

Biden has continually promoted the use of gender-affirming care, with states such as California declaring it a “sanctuary” for trans kids and their families. 

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