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Maricopa County Supervisor Defends the Delay of Votes Being Counted in Arizona

AP Photo/Matt York

Republican candidate Kari Lake inches closer to defeating Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs as Americans await the midterm election results to find out who will govern the state of Arizona. 


It has been about four days since Tuesday’s elections, and with just a mere few thousand votes between the two candidates, the country still doesn’t have an answer for who will be the next governor. 

Following Maricopa County, Arizona, election official, Bill Gates announced that votes won’t be done being counted until early next week, Lake called out the weak voting system the state has adopted.

“The people of Arizona are sick and tired of elections being run like we’re in some banana republic, and we won’t have it anymore,” Lake said, adding “we’re going to win this. Everybody in this state knows we’re going to win it. I was running against a basement candidate who didn’t even campaign, didn’t debate, and the people didn’t vote for her.”

Calling the issue “ridiculous,” Lake vowed to fix the rigged voting system in Arizona should she win the race. 


However, Gates was not happy about Lake’s comments, saying that she needs to be “patient.” 

“Quite frankly it’s offensive for Kari Lake to say that these people behind me are slow rolling this when they’re working 14 to 18 hours. So I hope this is the end of that now. We can be patient and respect the results when they come out,” Gates said to a local news station. 

Although Lake trails behind Katie slightly, the Republican is still “100 percent confidence that [she] will be the next governor of Arizona.”

Just as long as something doesn’t “malfunction” again while tabulating votes. 

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