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Twitter Wants You to Believe 'It Takes Time to Count the Votes' Ahead of the Midterms

AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File

After the 2020 election, the liberal media tried to normalize it takes several days to count all the votes, despite it never happening in years past. 

With the midterm elections just a few days away, they're back at it, attempting to make Americans believe that we won't know the results until a few days after the election. 


Tesla CEO Elon Musk's takeover of the platform has not stopped Twitter from pushing the far-left's narrative. 

Twitter users have been greeted with messages about the November 8 election, "informing" them that "it takes time to count all of the votes," which reads in big, bold letters. 

"It's expected to take multiple days to count the votes, so the projected winners of some elections might not be announced yet… this means you could encounter unconfirmed claims that a candidate has won their race," the message reads. 

The social media giant also branded mail-in-voting as "safe and secure," only further brainwashing users. 

In the company's "approach to the 2022 midterms," Twitter claimed that it is the place to "find real-time, reliable information" while taking steps to "protect civic conversation." 


For decades, the U.S. has been able to count election votes efficiently and promptly, and then all of a sudden, Democrats feel threatened by the GOP, and all of that goes out the window. 

What is more disturbing is that millions of Americans have fallen for their propaganda nonsense, which only gives the left more power to cheat and change the direction of the election to favor them. 

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