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Obama Tells Democrats To Get Over Their Obsession With Trump

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Democrats are obsessed with former President Trump, not only that, they are terrified of him and the millions of supporters who stand behind Trump, while so few follow President Joe Biden. 


Former President Barack Obama is warning his Democrat colleagues to stop campaigning with a focus on Trump, saying that they need to worry about more important issues that the country faces. 

While speaking on the Pod Save America podcast, Obama told the hosts that his party’s obsession with Trump is not what will drive voters to vote Democrat. 

“The thing that I think sometimes we seem to make a mistake on, is his behavior can be so outrageous, and now, folks who try to copy him and his outrageous behaviors [are] getting a lot of attention," Obama said, referring to MAGA supporters. 

The former president said that Democrats waste so much time and energy picking apart every little thing Trump says or does, while they should be worried about the high gas prices, record inflation, and out-of-control crime. 

“And so we join that game… and we spend enormous amounts of time and energy and resources pointing out the latest crazy thing he said, or how rude or mean some of these Republican candidates behaved,” Obama said referencing Trump. 

“That’s probably not something that, in the minds of most voters, overrides their basic interests: Can I pay the rent? What are gas prices? How am I dealing with child care?” Obama continued. 


Additionally, Obama admitted that some Democrat politicians are “buzzkills,” saying that people often have to walk on eggshells around his party leaders. 

“I think we do get into trouble. Look, I used to get into trouble whenever, as you guys know well, whenever I got a little too professorial… when I was behind the podium as opposed to when I was in a crowd, there were times where I’d get, you know, sound like I was giving a bunch of policy gobbledygook,” Obama said, adding “my family, my kids, work that gives me satisfaction, having fun. Hell, not being a buzzkill. And sometimes Democrats are.”

“Sometimes people just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells, and they want some acknowledgment that life is messy and that all of us, at any given moment, can say things the wrong way, make mistakes,” Obama concluded. 

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