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DeSantis Plans To Ship Illegal Migrants Off To More States, Including Biden's Hometown

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) is planning on sending more busloads of illegal migrants to Democrat-run states as the Biden Administration continues to ignore the crisis they created. 

A spokesperson for DeSantis said that he is getting ready to send illegal migrants to Illinois and President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. 

Roughly about 100 migrants will be dispersed between the two states, which is set to begin in December. 

They were originally scheduled for the beginning of October, but Hurricaine Ian delayed the process. However, DeSantis Communications Director Taryn Fenske told The AP that "while Florida has had all hands on deck responding to our catastrophic hurricane, the immigration relocation program remains active." 

This comes after DeSantis sent nearly 50 illegal migrants to the swanky-liberal island Martha’s Vineyard last month, outraging Democrats. 

As a result, a Texas sheriff launched an investigation that sparked speculation that the illegal migrants might be able to stay in the U.S. under a “U Visa,” which is a kind of immigration status for victims of certain crimes that occur on U.S. soil.

Earlier this year, DeSantis joined Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) efforts in sending illegal migrants to Democratic strongholds without a warning to draw attention to what DeSantis has called the Biden administration’s failed border policies. 

DeSantis’ actions of sending the immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard have sparked legal action against the Florida governor, however, the new plans of shipping migrants to additional locations prove he seems to be unscathed by it. 

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