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Sen. Ted Cruz Has Some Words for the Press Secretary

Erin Scott/ Pool via AP

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) challenged White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre after he called out President Joe Biden's bad border policies that allow illegal migrants to just walk over into the U.S. 


Apparently, Jean-Pierre didn't appreciate the "lectures" Cruz dealt her in an attempt to bring awareness to her administration's doings.

"I'm going to give a challenge, Karine Jean-Pierre, right now… come to this border. Spend 60 minutes, one hour, with me and the Border Patrol union. We will encounter dozens, if not hundreds, of illegal immigrants coming across. And if we don't, let's bring the entire White House press corps, and one of two things will happen: If we don’t encounter anyone, I'll stand up and say, 'I was wrong,'" Cruz said in an interview with Fox News. 

Jean-Pierre has repeatedly claimed that illegal migrants are not crossing the border. However, not once has she been down to the southern border since Biden has taken office. 

Cruz is aiming the spotlight on Jean-Pierre and the Biden administration to force them to own up to the chaos their policies have brought on. 

"But when we encounter hundreds of people crossing, do you have the courage and integrity to stand in front of the press corps you're lying to and say, 'I lied to you'? That's what an honest White House press secretary would say," Cruz continued to say. 

Earlier this week, Jean-Pierre turned down an invitation from the Texas senator inviting her to visit the southern border to see the mess Biden created firsthand. 

"There are two and only two possibilities… either she is deliberately ignorant — she has no idea what’s happening at the border — or she’s deliberately lying. There’s not a third possibility. It is one or the other," Cruz said during a podcast interview. 


"So, I'm gonna make an invitation right now to Karine Jean-Pierre," Cruz added. "If you believe it's not happening that people are walking across the border, Karine, I invite you, come to Texas. Come to the Rio Grande Valley, spend one hour on the border, and I promise you, you and I will see dozens, if not hundreds, of people walking across the border." 

Cruz called on Jean-Pierre to come at any hour of the day, whether it be two in the morning or two in the afternoon because illegal migrants "are coming every single hour." 

In response, the press secretary said, "One thing I will say is, I certainly don't need lectures or invitations from Republicans about the border or border policies, and I certainly won't take advice on the border from anyone who voted against securing [a] record level of funding for the Department of Homeland Security." 

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