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J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

Republicans declared the U.S. is now in an economic recession after the release of a report showing two successive quarters of negative gross domestic product growth. 


Shortly after the news broke, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) blasted Democrats for redefining the term "recession" instead of taking action to fix it. 

"Democrats would rather redefine a recession than restore a healthy economy…the American people know that inflation was not temporary, inflation hadn't peaked, and now we're in a recession. But the Democrats continue to talk down to American families — no matter the increased cost of nearly everything. Worse, Democrats have no plan to fight inflation and put our country back on track," McCarthy said while speaking on the House floor. 

He called out the left for either not seeing the country was in the worst inflation in 40 years or failing to acknowledge it and still believing "your suffering was worth their 'incredible transition.'"

McCarthy then accused the left of blatantly destroying America's energy stance with no plan to fix it. 

"That explains why President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Schumer are still peddling anti-energy policies – plus almost a trillion in new spending and new tax increases on Main Street – even as these policies destroy our country," McCarthy stated. 


He continued to blame Democrats for passing their $2 trillion American Rescue Plan, claiming that the "Biden Recession was predictable and avoidable." 

"Only Democrats in Washington chose not to see it coming," McCarthy said. 

Repeatedly reiterating that Democrats are the ones who drove the country into the ground, McCarthy noted that even the left's own party warned what their policies would do to the state of the economy. 

"Only Democrats passed that bill. Only Democrats created inflation. Only Democrats shut down our oil and gas… the Democrats have offered no plan to fight inflation. You only fuel it," he said. 

Before leaving the House floor to sit and think about his words, he vowed that Republicans will have a plan strong enough to rebuild the economy and end the Biden administration's disastrous policies. 

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