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No Eric Swalwell, You Cannot Use Campaign Funds to Hire a Babysitter So You Can Travel Overseas

Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

Sorry Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), but unfortunately you either need to watch your own kids or use your own money to hire a babysitter while you travel to your fancy places. 


Earlier this week, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) ruled that Swalwell is not authorized to use campaign funds to pay for a babysitter when he travels overseas to campaign for other politicians. 

In May, Swalwell’s legal team claimed that often times he and his wife are not able to make it home to care for their children due to the both of them working full-time jobs, hence the reason for needing to hire help using someone else’s money. This includes times when Swalwell is needed to travel internationally at the request of other countries.

The FEC vote came weeks after a meeting with Republican commissioner James E. “Trey” Trainer III publicly mocked Swalwell’s request, calling it "abhorrent." 

“To be real honest with you, I'm actually going to pass judgment on it…I think it's abhorrent that Congressman Swalwell would have such a young child and want to leave them in the care of someone else, for a week-long trip overseas and using donor contributions to pay for that. I think it's inappropriate we even had to address this question,” Trainer said during the meeting. 


The congressman has previously been criticized for using campaign funds to promote his high-profile life. A complaint filed with the FEC claims that Swalwell used campaign money to pay for a glitzy family vacation along with tens of thousand dollars worth of alcohol and limousines. 

However, the FEC did rule that Swalwell can use campaign funds to pay for overnight childcare expenses when he travels for his own campaign and wife is not available to look after their kids.

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