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CNN's Don Lemon Offers an Absurd Claim About Republicans

Jason Mendez/AP Photo

The CNN host once again put down Republicans while putting the Democrat party on a pedestal. 

Liberal media’s cheerleader Don Lemon made a crazy claim about Republicans during a segment on the network’s “New Day” saying that the GOP is a threat of “growing extremism” to their party.  


Continuing on with his false claims, Lemon said that he and other journalists are not doing their jobs if they don’t give the GOP harsher treatment. 

"We sit around and we talk about these things and we want to give this false equivalence to Democrats and Republicans. That is not where we are right now,” Lemon said, adding that Republicans are jeopardizing the U.S. 

“Republicans are doing something that is very dangerous to our society and we have to acknowledge that. We have to acknowledge that as Americans, we must acknowledge that as journalists because if we don't, we are not doing our jobs," the leftist CNN host said. 

Referring to Republicans who continue to support President Trump despite the media making him out to be the devil, Lemon claimed that journalists need to stop seeing both parties as equals.

“They have to answer for those questions if they come here on CNN, they must answer for that. If they go on MSNBC, they must answer for that. If they go on ABC, they must answer for that. And they cannot expect to be coddled when they go on to a news organization or if they step in front of a crowd of supporters or voters or Americans,” Lemon said.


Calling Republicans "extremists," Lemon called for journalists to "do their jobs," yet while contradicting his statement, he believes that they should also give easier treatment to the left compared to the right. 

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