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Visar Kryezui/ AP Photo

A new website aims to expose the Biden Administration's corrupt White House and its dealings that have led the country to go down like the Titanic. 

"Inside Biden's Basement" is an organization created to pull back the curtain on the government and reveal the real people and their motives behind the smoke screens. 


According to Fox News, the group's website created an interactive website and searchable database for information on a long list of administration officials. 

The website is reportedly updated on a weekly basis with new information. Some officials listed are registered foreign agents, as well as special government employees. 

Inside Biden's Basement Communications Director Derrick Hollie said that in the short amount of time that Biden has been in office, the U.S. has faced one crisis after another. 

Hollie called out Biden for suggesting to Americans to buy a Tesla instead of complaining about the high gas prices. 

"The President's statements are constantly being 'walked back,' leading many to wonder who's actually in charge?" Hollie told Fox, adding, "Well, Inside Biden's Basement is now available to expose the officials responsible for driving America into a ditch." 


Hollie, a former Trump administration official, said the website also highlights ethics controversies during Biden's term. 

The website features a mock up of what Biden's "basement" might look like, equipped with his son Hunter Biden's laptop, Hunter's paintings, puppets which are used as media "watchdogs," and a Build Back Better sign that is sitting near the trash. 


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