Biden Is Packing the Immigration Court with 'People Who Meet Their Own Ideological Framework'

Posted: Jun 23, 2022 5:15 PM
Biden Is Packing the Immigration Court with 'People Who Meet Their Own Ideological Framework'

Source: Julio Rosas/Townhall

A former immigration judge who was fired by the Justice Department claims that President Joe Biden’s deputies are firing pro-American immigration judges that were appointed by President Trump. 

During a segment on Fox News, Matthew O’Brien said that six judges, including himself, has already been let go from Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), claiming that the Biden administration is purposely packing the immigration courts. 

“The Biden Administration is trying to turn the court into essentially a free candy store so that anyone who appears in front of the immigration court winds up getting some benefits or winds up being allowed to stay in the United States,” O’Brien said, adding that this “is not what the courts were designed to do.” 

According to O’Brien, the courts are supposed to give people who are seeking to remain in the United States or have violated the immigration law a fair review of any claims they have made, however he says the Biden administration is ordering ICE to dismiss all of the cases that are currently before it. 

“So they seem to be taking a creative approach to reducing the backlog by simply not pursuing the cases, and releasing these people into the interior of the United States,” O’Brien said. 

Additionally, O’Brien believes the Democrats wants to replace immigration judges appointed under Trump, and replace them with “people who meet their own ideological framework.” 

O’Brien called out Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas saying that he is not interested in enforcing the law, while claiming that “ICE is ignoring the immigration laws that it doesn’t like and the Biden administration is ordering the courts to be complicit in this and they’re busy trying to remove anyone that took an enforcement approach of applying the law to the facts.”

Before signing off, O’Brien penned the question, asking “who is looking out for the interests of the American people in this whole transaction?” 

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