CNN: Dems Have Been 'Panicking Privately' About Biden's Inflation Messaging for Months

Posted: Jun 19, 2022 1:00 PM
CNN: Dems Have Been 'Panicking Privately' About Biden's Inflation Messaging for Months

Source: Evan Vucci/AP Photo

With inflation topping 8.6 percent in May, it is the top problem Americans believe the nation is facing today. 

Democrats know it but won’t admit it, Republicans know it and are frustrated, now liberal worshipping networks such as CNN can’t hide from it. 

During CNN’s Inside Politics, Capitol Hill reporter Melanie Zanona said that Democrats have been "panicking privately" over President Joe Biden's inflation messaging for months. 

When asked about a meeting between Democrats and White House aids, Zanona acknowledged that it didn’t go as planned. 

“Not well, to put it mildly, listen, Democrats, they have been panicking privately. They have been saying for months, back in December they started pressing the White House to get a handle on inflation, start talking about this issue,” Zanona told host Abby Philip. 

Democrats in no surprising way, tried to play the blame game pinning the disastrous issue on someone else rather than themselves. 

Zanona said Democrats urged Congress to just “blame other people, blame corporate greed, start talking about what we're doing legislatively to talk about these issues.” 

Several members of the left even showed up to the meeting late, with no real worry about having a method inflation messaging. 

Biden has created multiple scapegoats in an attempt to pin inflation off as something other than his own doing ahead of the midterm elections. His most recent blame is oil giants that are banking high profits as fuel prices hit historic levels. 

Earlier this week, he said that a recession was not “inevitable,” shutting down talk that his spending polices have been the reason for soaring inflation, calling it “bizarre.”

It has become apparent that Democrats have no set plan with how to combat hefty prices Americans are facing everyday. Biden has taken taken his time setting a plan and slowly acting on it, and it's clear he has no real solution.