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Democrats creating chaos with every sudden move is nothing new, but the crisis at the southern border is something that has evolved into something even the left can no longer ignore. 


Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan is calling out the Biden administration for its disastrous border policy that ended many Trump-era immigration policies. Biden also halted the building of the border wall calling it “ineffective” and “immoral.” 

Homan told Fox News that he is “not fooled” by Biden’s plans and believes he intentionally created the crisis at the border. 

“They will not build miles of wall. They won't do it because they know it works. This administration is all about open borders. Everything they've done on this border is by design.” 

Homan continued to say the left is scattering to make changes as the midterm are coming up, knowing people are frustrated with the outlook of Biden's decisions. 

“Now all of a sudden, the midterms are coming up. I think they're worried, so they're going to start making some changes, but they won't last and after the midterms they are going to be back to open borders. They're not fooling me for a minute." 


It was also reported that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has ordered projects along the border to “fill gaps in the wall” and replace gates, which will include train gates for agents and illegal aliens from train operations to address "hazardous river waters.”

Homan claims the Biden administration saw a huge political benefit by promoting an open-border policy, arguing that there is no downside to a secure border which will only reduce deaths of illegal migrants, human trafficking, while also cutting down on fentanyl from entering the U.S. 

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