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Over the weekend, leftist politicians, parties, and policies were dealt a major blow as right-wing parties emerged victorious in European elections. While the media points to a victory for the "far-right," it's more so that there's a desire a return to normalcy after being governed by far-left policies that bring mass illegal migration, high taxes, and heavy regulation. Such results follow the predictions made after polling was released late last month by the EU-US Forum, which also had, since March, been running a $750,000 ad campaign across Europe with ads in Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy


Elon Musk argued it's not even a "'right-wing' agenda" so much as it's "just the centrist agenda of 20 years ago."

In a statement, EU-US Forum Founding Board Member Matt Mowers celebrated "the dawning of a new era in Europe."

"Thanks to tonight’s historic victories by conservative parties across the continent, it’s the dawning of a new era in Europe where conservative ideas can no longer be silenced. Since March, the EU-US Forum has exposed the failed policies and leadership at the EU and has blanketed Europe with messaging to 'demand change at the EU.’'Tonight’s results prove that Europeans are ready for conservative leadership and reject the far-left path that EU bureaucrats have forged for Europe," he said on Sunday. 

"From France to Spain to Germany, conservative policies triumphed," Mowers celebrated. "Brussels must now hear their citizens loud and clear: Enough is enough, Europeans are sick and tired of living as pawns in the schemes of the global Left-wing elite."

His statement continued with a sense of hope for Europe and the United States. "We hope that tonight’s victories in the EU elections stand as a signal for the rest of the world that citizens from both Europe and America are fed up with the dangerous policies that the far Left has been pushing for years: reckless spending, open borders, unfettered regulation," Mowers concluded.


Here's how The New York Times categorized the elections as part of their live results coverage:

Still, far-right parties surged in France and in Germany. In France, President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the National Assembly and called for snap elections after his Renaissance party got battered by the National Rally party of Marine Le Pen, which is part of the Identity and Democracy group. In Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats finished behind Alternative for Germany, an ultranationalist party that is not currently affiliated with a larger group.

In the European Parliament, the European People’s Party, a center-right group, performed better than in the last elections and will continue to be the largest party in Parliament. Renew, a liberal group, and the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats both marked losses compared to the last elections.

The vote was important in setting the political tone in the E.U. for the next five years, and could determine how major issues such as migration are handled. The European Parliament approves E.U. laws, international treaties and plays an important role in scrutinizing spending.

Notice how the Times is among those speaking to supposedly "far-right parties." They also used language such as "nationalist and anti-immigrant policy agendas." What's left out with such a description, though, is that illegal immigration and "migration" has led to anti-western sentiments and even crimes against law enforcement. Recently, a police officer died in Germany after being stabbed in the head by a Muslim extremist from Afghanistan.


On illegal immigration, a memo for that EU-US Forum poll mentioned above noted that immigration "is a significant issue for respondents in all surveyed countries, highlighting growing concerns over migration policies and their impact on national security, economy, and social stability."

It also can't be emphasized enough how hungry for change that European voters are, as that memo also highlighted. It's something voters of all ages yearn for, even and including young voters, a demographic considered to be more liberal, or at least one that the left has taken for granted and expects support for.

A post from the EU-US Forum highlighted how in Germany, youngest voters came out to support the right-wing party. 

Bonchie at our sister site of RedState highlighted just how terrible such losses for the left were:

For the in-power Social Democrats, it was an absolute disaster, with some press outlets calling it a "humiliating" and "crushing blow." Garnering just 16 percent of the vote, the left-wing party ended up with its worst total in a national election in over a century. Things are so bad that some are predicting the entire government coalition could collapse. 

Other right-wing parties, including those from Italy, Belgium, and Spain, also saw gains, leaving one thing certain: Europeans are starting the long, hard march back from the abyss.


Liberal politicians in Europe are already reacting to the outcomes. When French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday he was dissolving the National Assembly and calling for snap legislative elections, Bob Hoge, also at our sister site of RedState aptly pointed out how it was quite the "somber statement" that Macron gave. 

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