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Trump's Endorsement Comes Through as State Sen. Doug Mastriano Wins PA Gubernatorial Primary

An endorsement from former President Donald Trump, which came on Saturday morning, just days before the primary, seems to have paid off. State Sen. Doug Mastriano has been declared the Republican nominee for governor in a crowded primary of eight Republican candidates total.


The GOP tweeted congratulations with regards to Mastriano and noted the party is "unified" behind him "to win in November."

This comes even after outlets had highlighted divisions in the party over Mastriano, who has also been dubbed "far-right" and an "election denier" by The New York Times


Michelle Boorstein claimed for The Washington Post that "Christian nationalism is shaping a Pa. primary — and a GOP shift," when writing about Mastriano on Monday. 

As I highlighted last July, Mastriano had initiated a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election, which he outlined in an op-ed posted to his official Senate website.

Some fear that that Mastriano on the ticket could also cost Pennsylvania Republicans the state legislatures, as I also highlighted in my weekend coverage of Trump's endorsement. 

Mastriano will face Josh Shaprio, Pennsylvania's current attorney general, in the November general election. Shapiro ran unopposed. Tom Wolf, the current governor, is term-limited.

The race has been considered "Tilt Democratic" by Inside Elections, while Cook Political Report and Sabato's Crystal Ball regard it as a "Toss-up."

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