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Poll: Majority Were Willing to Have Normal Thanksgiving Without Masks or Vaccine Requirement

AP Photo/Bree Fowler

A poll from Hill-HarrisX shared on Thursday revealed that a majority of Americans spent their Thanksgiving free from living in fear. Sixty-five percent of hosts were not requiring vaccines or masks, though 21 percent said they were requiring vaccines and 4 percent were requiring masks. Eleven percent were requiring both.

As many chimed in on Twitter, put another way, Americans are living normally. 

A write-up from The Hill highlighted that there was, not surprisingly, a partisan divide, in that 78 percent of Republicans were not requiring vaccines or masks, though only 47 percent of Democrats said the same. 

The poll was conducted November 18 and 19 with 939 registered voters and a margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points. 

It's worth noting that those 11 percent requiring guests to be vaccinated and wear masks are going against the advice of even Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose invitation to "feel good about enjoying a typical" Thanksgiving and Christmas extended to the vaccinated. 

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