Senate Finance Republicans Demand Investigation into Cuomo Coverup

Posted: May 05, 2021 12:35 PM
Senate Finance Republicans Demand Investigation into Cuomo Coverup

Source: Shannon Stapleton/Pool via AP

Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee are demanding an investigation into the cover up of nursing home deaths in New York, spearheaded by disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY).

“Media reports have discussed the possibility of a coverup for weeks, and on April 28th, The New York Times reported that Governor Cuomo’s cover up was ‘far greater than previously known, with aides repeatedly overruling state health officials over a span of at least five months...Mr. Cuomo’s most senior aides engaged in a sustained effort to prevent the state’s own health officials...from releasing the death toll to the public or sharing it with state lawmakers…’ Governor Cuomo’s administration reportedly knew that over 9,000 nursing home residents had died of COVID-19 in May 2020-- approximately 35 percent of the state’s total COVID deaths. However, Governor Cuomo’s administration publicly claimed that just 21 percent of COVID deaths were in nursing homes. This is horrifying and unacceptable,” the GOP lawmakers wrote to committee Chairman Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR). “For these reasons, we ask that you open an investigation and hold a committee hearing on New York’s coverup of nursing home deaths. Transparency and accountability are not partisan aims and must be taken seriously by this committee.”

Even in light of this nursing home scandal, as well as the series of allegations of sexual harassment against him, Cuomo has maintained that he is guilt-free and will not resign.