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Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP

President Joe Biden proposed a host of new hefty spending bills, all with hefty price tags. The three main packages, the already-passed American Rescue Plan, the American Jobs Plan, and the American Families Plan all together total $6 trillion in taxpayer-funded spending. The American Jobs Plan is the Biden administration's proposed infrastructure package, that has minimal to do with building real infrastructure, that also includes a corporate tax hike. The American Families Plan takes aim at child care and paid family leave. Both plans include tax increases on Americans.


The president is having difficulty selling this high spending number even to some Democrats, but he said that the packages will aid in coronavirus recovery.

“That’s why it’s recovering,” Biden said of heavy spending bills. “We’re investing.”

The president also dismissed concerns about the stature of the spending packages, and argued that only the federal government can build real infrastructure.


“I don’t have any inordinate faith in government,” Biden said. “But there’s certain things only the government can do.”

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