Tim Scott Schools President Biden on Failed 'Unity' Promise

Posted: Apr 28, 2021 10:50 PM
Tim Scott Schools President Biden on Failed 'Unity' Promise

Source: Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) delivered the GOP response to President Joe Biden’s first address to a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday night. Scott schooled the president on failed policies that do not work for Americans, including tax increases, unnecessary spending, lax border regulations, and COVID lockdowns. 

The GOP senator also reminded Biden that he campaigned for the presidency on “unity” but that his administration’s legislative actions do not reflect that message.

The president echoed the same tired talking point that America is a racist country, in an attempt to lobby for the Democrat-led policing legislation that would ultimately undermine law enforcement. Scott reminded the president and his colleagues on the other side of the aisle that it was the Democratic Senate caucus that filibustered Scott's common-sense, bipartisan police reform legislation just last year. Scott proposed the bill in response to the death of George Floyd, but Democrats refused to come together for a unifying cause.

In a powerful closer for the Republican response, Scott jabbed "Washington schemes" and "socialist dreams." 

"Our best future won’t come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams. It will come from you.”