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Biden Accidentally Criticizes Senate Democrats for Abusing the Filibuster

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

In his first press conference since entering the Oval Office, President Biden avoided giving a firm answer on his support for or opposition to the Senate’s legislative filibuster. Senate Democrats hope to eliminate the measure, a 60-vote threshold for major legislation, in order to easily pass the president’s legislative agenda. 


Biden, who was once a fierce supporter of the filibuster, would not give a straight answer on the future of the filibuster. The president said that he supports “filibuster reform” but did not specify whether the 60-vote threshold should remain intact.

The president also agreed with former President Obama that the filibuster is a "relic of the Jim Crow era."


Biden added that the filibuster has been “abused” in the last year, when his own party was in the minority and utilized the filibuster to torpedo Republican legislation.

Previously, during his tenure in the Senate, Biden fiercely supported keeping the filibuster intact to support "compromise and moderation."


Follow the president's first press conference since taking office here.

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