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Michael Holahan/The Augusta Chronicle via AP

Republican governors are taking issue with the Democrat-led proposal for an additional COVID relief package, that was recently passed by the House of Representatives and is being negotiated in the Senate. 


Republican lawmakers argue that the Democrats’ bill, which is filled with unnecessary spending unrelated to coronavirus relief, disproportionately benefits blue states that implemented strict lockdown measures and therefore have seen a higher unemployment rate. Red states that have liberated taxpayers and opened up economies would not see the same benefits from the legislation favored by Democrats.

“We’ve been winning down here from an economic standpoint,” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) argued on Wednesday morning. “Now, we’re being made out to be a loser in the stimulus bill. States like California, New York, Illinois and others that haven't taken that measured approach to reopen their economy, and have been losing economically, is now a winner.”


New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) also criticized the stimulus proposal that is “inherently unfair,” arguing that the “worst managed” states will reap the most taxpayer-funded benefits.

The stimulus package boasts a nearly $2 trillion price tag that is not targeted directly at delivering relief to Americans in need. Senate Republicans and Democrats are currently negotiating the package, while GOP lawmakers remain firmly against unnecessary spending that is unrelated to pandemic relief.

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