Leader McConnell Praises President Trump for Signing Coronavirus Relief Package

Posted: Dec 28, 2020 10:00 AM
Leader McConnell Praises President Trump for Signing Coronavirus Relief Package

Source: Sarah Silbiger/Pool via AP

President Trump signed an additional coronavirus relief package into law on Sunday night, with a  $2.3 trillion price tag, after threatening to veto the relief legislation. The package will deliver $600 stimulus checks to Americans, despite the president’s previous demand for $2,000 individual checks. 

After months of tense negotiations with Democratic leadership in both chambers of Congress, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) applauded the president for signing additional, bipartisan relief for Americans into law, and for preventing a government shutdown.

“The bipartisan rescue package that Republicans in Congress and the Trump Administration negotiated with the Democrats will extend another major lifeline to workers at struggling small businesses, renew major relief for laid-off Americans, invest billions more in vaccine distribution, send cash directly to households, and more. The compromise bill is not perfect, but it will do an enormous amount of good for struggling Kentuckians and Americans across the country who need help now,” Leader McConnell said on Sunday. “I thank the President for signing this relief into law, along with full-year government funding legislation that will continue the rebuilding and modernization of our Armed Forces that his Administration has championed. His leadership has prevented a government shutdown at a time when our nation could not have afforded one.”

The president still seeks to have Congress remove unnecessary spending from the Omnibus package and COVID legislation, vowing that he will send back a “redlined version” highlighting wasteful spending.