Michigan GOP Group Blasts Biden's Pick for Energy Secretary

Posted: Dec 16, 2020 2:30 PM
Michigan GOP Group Blasts Biden's Pick for Energy Secretary

Source: AP Photo/Al Goldis, File

President-elect Joe Biden is said to have selected former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to lead his Department of Energy, Politico reported. An ally of Hillary Clinton, Granholm previously perpetuated unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about President Trump, including the unproven “pee tape” and Russian collusion, which Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of. She has since deleted tweets pushing those unfounded accusations.

One conservative group, Michigan Rising Action, blasted the former two-term governor for leaving the state with “high unemployment,” and “decreasing wages” after her tenure.

"During Governor Jennifer Granholm's failed tenure, Michigan led the country in high unemployment as 805,000 jobs were lost, wages dramatically decreased, and Michiganders fled our state in record numbers for opportunities elsewhere," said Tori Sachs, executive director of Michigan Rising Action. "It's extremely troubling that Joe Biden would select Granholm to run his Energy Department given her abysmal record."

Biden continues to fill his cabinet with controversial nominees. Senate Republicans have indicated that the president-elect’s cabinet selections will receive tough confirmation hearings.