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Police Report Details 'Uncooperative and Disruptive' Behavior From Raphael Warnock During Abuse Investigation

John Roark/Athens Banner-Herald via AP, File

In one of two runoff Senate elections in Georgia, disturbing allegations against Democrat Raphael Warnock continue to develop. As Fox News reported last week, during his time as a senior pastor at a church-run camp in West Baltimore, Warnock and a colleague were arrested on claims of interference with an investigation into child sexual abuse in 2002.


The police report cites “uncooperative and disruptive” behavior from the pair. According to the law enforcement unit arresting Warnock and his colleague, the officers had “never encountered” resistance like Warnock’s at all. 

While the prosecution dropped the charges in November of 2002, a civil case was brought against Warnock and other camp counselors in December of 2003, which was eventually dismissed. It is unclear whether or not a settlement was made for these serious charges. 

Warnock has yet to address his run-in with the law, as Senator Loeffler’s campaign pointed out last week.

“If Raphael Warnock wants Georgia voters to believe anything he says, he needs to come clean, answer these very simple questions, and explain what happened,” said Sen. Loeffler’s campaign’s communications director Stephen Lawson.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) echoed calls for transparency from Warnock, and also pressed Jon Ossoff to weigh in on his fellow Democrat’s troubling past.


"Georgians are disgusted to learn of these allegations against Raphael Warnock and are demanding answers," NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand said. "Warnock must come clean about what happened, what was his involvement, and what was the nature of these child abuse allegations. Additionally, as the Democrats plan to run as a 'team,' does Jon Ossoff condone Warnock's handling of the child abuse situation and does he feel comfortable continuing to campaign alongside someone with such damning baggage?

As he seeks a seat in the United States Senate, and the trust of voters, Warnock should be forced to answer questions about his own arrest and obstruction of justice.


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