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Biden Taps Buttigieg, Rice and Yates for Presidential Transition Team

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Former Vice President Joe Biden expanded his presidential transition team over the weekend, tapping a handful of high-profile Democrats to lead the effort if he were to win in November. Included on Biden’s transition team is former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, among others. The former vice president also added four additional co-chairs to work alongside Ted Kaufman, a former Senator from Delaware and long-time Biden ally.

The presidential transition team works to liaise between the staff of the outgoing president and the president-elect. Members of the team are tasked with laying the groundwork for governance, including presidential appointments, at the beginning of a new administration. 

"We are preparing for this transition amid the backdrop of a global health crisis and struggling economy. This is a transition like no other, and the team being assembled will help Joe Biden meet the urgent challenges facing our country on day one," Kaufman said. "The co-chairs, advisory board, and senior staff are a diverse group of experts who are committed to helping a possible Biden-Harris administration beat the public health crisis and put Americans back to work in good-paying jobs."

With the ongoing pandemic, a possible transition will be unlike any other.

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