Ronna McDaniel Responds to Hillary Clinton Telling Biden Not to Concede the Election

Posted: Aug 26, 2020 1:00 PM
Ronna McDaniel Responds to Hillary Clinton Telling Biden Not to Concede the Election

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew, File

Former Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, had some sage advice for her old friend and the Democrats’ newly-minted nominee Joe Biden, after Clinton lost her bid for the White House twice. Clinton advises 

Joe Biden not to concede the election were he to lose in November:

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel saw right through Clinton’s unsolicited advice to Biden, and called out the danger that such rhetoric poses for democracy:

“What happened to the peaceful transfer of power that Hillary Clinton advocated for in 2016, when she was afraid that Donald Trump wouldn’t concede to her? I mean to hear her say that is, actually, dangerous to our democracy,” McDaniel said on Fox Business.

The GOP’s leading woman went on to address the blatant double-standard that allows Hillary to get away with pushing such divisive rhetoric:

 “What if I said that? What if I said, ‘President Trump shouldn’t concede under any circumstances?’” McDaniel asked. “It would be making waves across this country, the Democrats would be crazy about that...It is egregious, it is un-American, it undermines our democracy.”

McDaniel closed with a harsh truth for the two-time presidential loser:

“You lost, Hillary, in 2016. And you know why you lost? Because of you. Because you didn’t show up in states like Wisconsin and Michigan, and you didn’t care about those forgotten Americans that Donald Trump is featuring in this campaign.”

The chairwoman is exactly right; refusing to concede a general election is dangerous for democracy.