Leader McCarthy Accuses Speaker Pelosi of 'Manipulating Information' on the USPS

Posted: Aug 19, 2020 3:00 PM
Leader McCarthy Accuses Speaker Pelosi of 'Manipulating Information' on the USPS

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

House GOP Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy penned a letter to his Republican colleagues addressing the myth about the United States Postal Service being perpetuated by Speaker Pelosi, as she calls the House back to Washington for an "emergency" session. Rep. McCarthy accuses Democrats of “manipulating information” and “giving validity to conspiracy theory.”

“This week the Speaker announced she is bringing members back for an “emergency” weekend session to deal with a so-called crisis at the United States Postal Service. But the facts prove House Democrats are manipulating information and giving validity to a conspiracy theory,” the Republican leader writes. “Instead of listening to the experts and analyzing facts, the Speaker opted to slander the Postmaster General by using baseless accusations and attacking his character...Contrary to Democrats’ claims, the Postal Service is also properly funded for the election and beyond. It is not being ‘sabotaged.’ Under the USPS’ own analysis, the USPS is financially solvent through at least August 2021. The Postal Service currently has $14 billion cash on hand and, under the CARES Act passed earlier this year, has the option of receiving an additional $10 billion loan from the Treasury Department.”

Leader McCarthy also called out Speaker Pelosi’s abandonment of coronavirus relief talks, which she rightfully called “urgent,” before sending her caucus home for recess without a deal.

“Late last month Speaker Pelosi said “we can’t go home” until a coronavirus relief deal is complete. We now know that ended up being untrue. She let every member leave for recess without passing urgent relief.”

Democrats are capitalizing on the false narrative that the USPS is under attack and that Republicans seek to engage in voter suppression. What Democrats do not acknowledge is that a nationalized vote-by-mail program, via a billion dollar bailout for the post office, is staunchly different from absentee voting, which the administration supports.