Biden Lies About Trump Administration's Middle-Class Tax Cut

Posted: Jul 15, 2020 5:30 PM
Biden Lies About Trump Administration's Middle-Class Tax Cut

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Former Vice President Joe Biden vowed to repeal President Trump's landmark tax cuts if elected in November. The Democratic nominee promised to scrap the largest middle-class tax cut since former President Ronald Reagan's administration, not just tax cuts for upper tax brackets.

When pressed by CBS News about the comprehensive tax cuts on middle-class tax brackets, that averaged to $1,260 per American household, Biden deemed the tax cut "negligible," and promised that undoing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would be the "first thing" on his presidential agenda:

American families overwhelmingly benefited from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Biden's vow to reverse the monumental tax reform legislation would erase progress made by the Trump administration for middle-class Americans. The presidential hopeful's rhetoric on tax reform shows that his priority lies with pandering to Democrats' far-left base rather than acting in the best interests of the American people.