Christy Smith Concedes to Mike Garcia in Special Election for Disgraced Katie Hill's Former Seat

Posted: May 13, 2020 10:05 AM
Christy Smith Concedes to Mike Garcia in Special Election for Disgraced Katie Hill's Former Seat

Source: AP Photo/Michael Blood

Update: Democrat Christy Smith conceded the election to Mike Garcia, giving the GOP it's first flipped congressional seat in California in 22 years:

Garcia's win is decisive for the GOP among Tuesday night's sweep of congressional elections. President Trump and Republican leadership on Capitol Hill congratulated Garcia on a victory that is a blow to Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

Original Post: The nationally-watched special election in California’s 25th congressional district ended in a GOP victory on Tuesday night. The race has not been called thus far, but Republican Mike Garcia holds a substantial lead over Democrat Christy Smith in the race for disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill's seat. 

Hillary Clinton also won the district by +6 in 2016.

 Leading up to the election, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report deemed the race as a “toss-up.” Garcia's victory would represent the first GOP flip of a congressional seat in California since 1998.

The 25th congressional district was previously a GOP-held seat before Katie Hill flipped it in the Democratic “blue wave” of 20218. Smith, an ally of Hill, was presumed to take the seat.  After Hill’s disgraceful behavior and eventual resignation from Congress, the GOP put the seat on the map. 

Garcia currently holds a substantial lead over Smith, with ballots still being counted.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is calling on Smith to concede the election, as Garcia's lead widens:

A Garcia win in this Democratic district will foreshadow the GOP's hopes of taking back the House majority in November, and would sound the alarms for Democrats. Republicans also won a special election in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

This special election represents a referendum on the disgraceful behavior of Katie Hill, and if Garcia manages to flip the seat, a huge win for the GOP.