Liberals Try to 'Cancel' Chris Hayes For Covering Tara Reade's Allegations Against Biden

Posted: Apr 30, 2020 12:30 PM

MSNBC host Chris Hayes is under fire from Democrats after daring to cover Tara Reade’s allegations against presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Hayes was the first on MSNBC to substantially cover Reade’s claims, while others on the network have ignored the allegations. 

Hayes' analysis of Reade's claims, and how mainstream networks should be handling them, was measured:

"Nothing should be believed on its face, but that you do have to fight yourself when you feel that impulse. You have to do that in order to take seriously what is being alleged, what the evidence is and to evaluate it," Hayes said.

The MSNBC host also pointed to the Biden campaign's--not Biden himself-- denial of the allegations, while also shedding light on the new corroboration from Reade's former neighbor, who confirmed that Reade confided in her regarding the alleged assault.

Biden allies and Democrats who choose to brush off Reade’s claims had #FireChrisHayes trending on Twitter on Thursday morning.

This meltdown exposes what Republicans, and some Democrats, have said about Reade’s claims from the beginning. Biden allies, and the majority of Democrats, want claims of misconduct against one of their own to be dismissed without any fair process. If Biden were a Republican, every MSNBC host would be covering Reade’s claims and would demand that Biden answer questions about the allegations directly, which, thus far, the former vice president has not.

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