CO Sen: Hickenlooper Makes Demeaning Comment About Sen. Sinema After Forgetting Her Name

Posted: Apr 28, 2020 9:30 AM
CO Sen: Hickenlooper Makes Demeaning Comment About Sen. Sinema After Forgetting Her Name

Source: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File

Former Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper (D), and current Senate hopeful, was up to his old habits on Friday during a virtual happy hour with Denver Beer Company:

Gov. Hickenlooper answered questions from viewers in what was supposed to be a fun event for voters, until he offered a degrading comment about a woman whom he hopes to be colleagues with come November.

A viewer asked Hickenlooper which senators, one Republican and one Democrat, whom he would like to have a beer with. After approximately 30 seconds of fumbling, in an attempt to remember her name, Gov. Hickenlooper had this to say of Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ):

“Who’s the woman who just got elected Senator in Arizona? I can’t think of her name. She’s breathtaking.”

This distasteful comment is not the first instance of Gov. Hickenlooper making creepy remarks. In 2012, during his tenure as Governor of Colorado, Hickenlooper introduced his Lieutenant Governor as a “rising sex star,” to a group of children:

"Now I get to introduce that rising sex star...Symbol, I mean. Symbol. Not star."

Most recently, during his short-lived run for president, Hickenlooper admitted to seeing an X-rated movie in theaters with his mother, named “Deep Throat:”

Hickenlooper’s abject comment about Sen. Sinema only adds to the growing pile of problems for the Senate hopeful, including ethics complaints filed against him, racially insensitive comments, anger toward young voters and fundraising off of COVID-19. Colorado’s Senate race currently sits at a “lean Democratic” rating, but Hickenlooper still faces the state’s primary in June, and his most competitive primary opponent recently beat him in Colorado’s Democratic caucus vote:

The primary is set for June 30th.