Chris Cuomo Shames Conservative Rape Survivor For Gun Rights Advocacy

Posted: May 29, 2019 6:00 PM
Chris Cuomo Shames Conservative Rape Survivor For Gun Rights Advocacy

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had some words of shame for conservative female icon Kimberly Corban, who is also a rape survivor and advocate of the Second Amendment. Corban was recently a Ted-X Mile High speaker and visits college campuses frequently to talk about her experience, advocate for sexual assault awareness and argue for concealed carry as a defense mechanism for women in order to deter these heinous sex crimes. 

The video in question, put forth by NRA-TV, is highly uncontroversial; Corban simply advocates for protecting her family with her firearms, as protected by the Second Amendment:

Yet, the CNN host had this response to Corban’s sentiments:

Conservatives on Twitter erupted in defense of Corban and against this despicable attack by Cuomo, a supposedly objective journalist. 

It is unclear whether or not Cuomo watched the video or bothered to research who Corban was, or if he was purposely insensitive to someone who has faced such challenges, and speaks for so many women across America. The attack is not surprising, though, given Corban’s conservative ideology and staunch defense of our most basic freedoms. 

However, Cuomo is correct, indeed. Only in America can women choose to defend themselves and deter these horrific sex crimes that are the epitome of a violation of another human being; this freedom should be celebrated and treasured, and women who utilize these unique rights should receive no shame. 

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