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Sentinel: Jake Corman Has Earned Re-Election to PA's State Senate

With just hours left until polls open for the midterm elections, both parties in Pennsylvania are pushing to get their candidates over the finish line. In a local fight for the seat in the 34th Senate District, incumbent Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman received a glowing endorsement from the Lewistown Sentinel:


“We are fortunate enough to be represented in the Pennsylvania Senate by a man who is one of (if not, the) most powerful Republicans in the state, Sen. Jake Corman, who also serves as the Senate Majority Leader...Corman’s opponent, Ezra Nanes, seems like a service-minded person whose heart is in the right place. But his proposal to raise taxes on burgeoning energy industries in Pennsylvania seems like a move that will stifle economic opportunity in the commonwealth at a time when most of the state’s industries and residents are just now fully recovering from the Great Recession,” the Editorial Board wrote.

Corman has been an unyielding champion for Pennsylvanians of all socioeconomic backgrounds during his tenure in the Pennsylvania Senate. Named Penn State’s distinguished alumni of the year in 2018, Corman also had continuously pushed back on Governor Tom Wolf’s big government tax-and-spend policies, burdensome regulations and job-crippling legislation; Wolf was infamously named America’s most liberal governor in 2015.

While serving as a check on Governor Wolf’s far-left policies, Corman has also worked to produce bipartisanship in the Pennsylvania Senate, particularly education grants and budgets. Most recently, Corman pushed a bipartisan anti-hazing bill to Governor Wolf’s desk, following the tragic death of Timothy Piazza.


Corman’s opponent, first-time candidate Ezra Nanes, is not a native of Centre County. With endorsements from far-left groups such as Moms Demand Action, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club and others, the Democratic challenger’s legislative plan could not be more different from that of Senator Corman.

Residents of the 34th Senate District in Pennsylvania deserve a Senator who knows the area and champions the values that the district holds, as Senator Corman has repeatedly done throughout his tenure.


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