PA GOP Hits Casey on Liberal Immigration Stance

Posted: Aug 13, 2018 6:00 PM
PA GOP Hits Casey on Liberal Immigration Stance

Senator Bob Casey Jr. is sticking to consistency with his leftward policies shifts, all but abandoning his once-moderate views, this time with immigration reform. The incumbent Pennsylvania native once championed the enforcement of the immigration laws already on the books, but has now embraced sanctuary cities and abolishing ICE; the Senator also voted against Kate’s Law, which would mandate a minimum sentence for felons who had previously been deported, and found their way back into the United States.

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is not letting Casey, who champions himself as one of the Senate’s moderate Democrats, slide on this crucial policy area. President Trump has taken a hard stance on illegal immigration since the launch of his presidential bid, and the growing issue is one of the fundamental policy stances that put him in the White House. 

On Casey’s radical immigration stance, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania pushed the senator on his sudden need to appeal to the far-left:

“When it comes to sanctuary cities and protecting Pennsylvanians, Bob Casey’s desire is to cater to the viewpoints of his radical left Party bosses and liberal donor base. Bob Casey’s priority in the Senate is not cracking down on these rogue municipalities and respecting the rule of law, but, rather, solidifying his liberal-progressive image with the socialist, obstructionist left and filling his campaign coffers,” Spokesman Jason Gottesman said in a press release

Casey’s opponent in his re-election bid, Congressman Lou Barletta, is also pressing the Senator on his complicity in immigration crime:

Despite the overwhelming majority, 80 percent, of Americans who reject sanctuary cities, Casey would rather appease his left-wing allies than prioritize the safety of Pennsylvanians, and all Americans.