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Misplaced Priorities

Since January, the Democrats’ budget has increased spending by $2.6 trillion over the next ten years. Two million jobs have been lost since the Democrats passed their so-called “stimulus” package in February. Unemployment sits at 9.5% with 14.7 million Americans out of work and numbers on the rise, and our nation’s deficit is over $1 trillion, the highest it has ever been in our nation’s history.

Yet, the Democrats find it prudent to bring to the floor a bill that would spend $700 million on wild horses. I find it highly unlikely that the majority of Americans would say that wild horses takes precedence over issues like our rising unemployment rates or skyrocketing deficit and debt. 

Furthermore, the House voted on a similar bill last Congress.  This year’s bill is 20 pages long instead of the 13 lines of last year’s bill.  And, those extra pages will cost you 28,000% more.  Those must be some horses.

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