Name Your Greenhouse Gas

Posted: Jun 26, 2009 12:43 PM
If our Congressmen actually read this 1,200 plus cap-and-trade bill that will impose massive energy taxes on businesses and consumers -- and for that matter, every single American, then they would come across this section: "Designation and Registration of Greenhouse Gases."

Essentially, this section lists seven greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, and a catch all, “other” which can be designated by the Administrator of the EPA at some later date with a citizen petition for consideration of the next generation of gases. (pg. 543)

What this means is that if you and your friends have an issue with a certain gas that you think should be a greenhouse gas, and you can generate enough support on a petition, you may be able to get that particular gas banned.  

Get ready for another couple of knocks on your door from the greenhouse-gas-of-the-month club.

Let's be clear, cap-and-trade is an absolutely disastrous policy for you and every single American that will result in higher costs on energy and all manufactured goods. After all, I can't think of anything produced that doesn't involve the use of energy – Director of the Congressional Budget Office couldn’t think of anything that would be impacted either when he testified before Congress earlier this year. Let's hope enough lawmakers come to their good senses and defeat this awful piece of legislation when it comes to the floor later today.