A Month Off for Bad Behavior

Posted: Jul 30, 2008 4:13 PM
Today, the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives got their wish. By a mere one vote (213 to 212), the Democrats will be able to sneak out of Washington for the entire month of August without doing anything to address our nation's sky-rocketing energy prices. Just 17 Democrats broke ranks with Speaker Pelosi and joined the 195 Republicans in voting against this measure, but we still fell one vote short.

With gas prices over $4 a gallon, the Democrats have voted to give themselves a vacation at the same time gas prices are preventing Americans from taking vacations of their own. And some around here wonder why Congress' approval rating is at 9%. 

The July 28th issue of Time Magazine showcased a rather scathing essay lambasting the inaction of the 110th Congress entitled, Throw the Bums Out.

"The 260 laws passed by the 110th Congress represent a 30-year low, and they include the naming of 74 post offices, not to mention the nonbinding resolutions designating July National Watermelon Month and recognizing dirt as an essential natural resource. Approval of Congress has sunk to a record low: 9% of people in a Rasmussen poll think lawmakers are doing a good or excellent job. The happiesth news in this for the Democrats running the place is that about 40% of voters think the Republicans are still in charge."

Let me tell you something:  If the Republicans were in charge, we’d be taking action to tap into American energy resources and cut the price of gas now. 

The Democrats are demonstrating politics at its worse. Rather than acting now on crucial issues like energy reform, they're simply going through the motions, pointing fingers and playing political games.  And, they’re skating by unscathed:  As this essay points out, most Americans wrongly believe that Republicans are still in charge.

We can act now to bring energy costs down, but sadly the Democrats have chosen political posturing over political action.