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In Other News: The Second Amendment Does Not Apply to Flintlock Pistols in New Jersey

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf told Chris Matthews that we cannot win this war with ISIS by killing them… After all, wars are traditionally won by sending fruit baskets and Hallmark cards, right?


(The Right Scoop)

Wait, Scott Walker doesn’t have a college degree? So in other words, he’s more like the average American than an over-privileged Community Organizer who went to Columbia, Harvard, and Occidental College. Right?

(National Review)

A 72 year old retired teacher is facing a 10 year prison sentence for possession of an antique flintlock pistol in his vehicle. The 1700’s antique was both unloaded, and out of reach… But it was in New Jersey, where the Constitution and sensibility are suspended for the sake of “common sense” gun control.


The President’s executive amnesty has been put on hold by a Federal Judge in Texas. For the time being, Democrats are just going to have to be happy with the voters they already have…

(Fox News)

There are reports that the Obama Administration has refused to share intelligence with Jordanian and Egyptian military command in the fight against ISIS. In all fairness, he thought they were talking about his golf game when they asked him to share his strategy.


(Weasel Zippers)

A Saudi Cleric has shown up on video “debunking” the fact that the earth rotates around the sun. Coincidentally these remarks occurred on the birthday of Galileo Galilei. It looks like some corners of the world have progressed very little in those 451 years.

(Al Arabiya)

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