Defending Christopher Columbus from Leftist Lies

Posted: Oct 06, 2017 5:00 PM
Defending Christopher Columbus from Leftist Lies

Historical figures who contributed to the birth and story of our great nation often come under attack by members of the Left. Not even our Founding Fathers are safe from Leftist vitriol as Leftists have advocated for the removal of monuments and memorials. These attacks are often misguided and look for the "bad" in our nation just so certain individuals can put themselves on a moral pedestal to virtue signal. When Leftists decide to besmirch historical figures and misrepresent their stories, someone needs to defend tradition and the historical record. One historical figure, in particular, is getting some backup.

The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus is, as he has been the last few years, coming under fire by Leftists. "" has had enough and is looking to combat the misinformation about Columbus with historical facts. The National Christopher Columbus Association (NCCA) that maintains the site hopes to preserve history, Columbus monuments, and keep Columbus Day traditions and celebrations alive.

Patrick Korten of the association stated, "Up to now, the campaign of flawed history and misinformation against Columbus has been allowed to proceed with barely any pushback." 

And even though there has been no pushback, Korten says "new Marist polling shows the majority of Americans support celebrating Columbus and his key role in our history."

The website gives Columbus's biography and combats the most popular myths that continue to spread. The site also explains how Columbus Day came under attack by the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s and how anti-Spanish propaganda influences the attacks on Columbus's memory today.

Korten explains that “It is both tragic and frightening that far-left groups like Antifa are picking up where the KKK left off. Americans need to recognize that this attempt to destroy one of the great figures in our national experience is part of a shameful racist tradition.”

The NCCA is spending thousands of dollars on an ad to keep Americans informed. The ad is focusing on Columbus's achievements and disputing claims not supported by historical accounts. With people like Patrick Korten and organizations like the National Christopher Columbus Association defending Columbus, Columbus Day will never be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day.

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