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Daily Bread: The New Christian Apocalyptic TV Series

You are sitting in your living room watching your favorite TV show when all of a sudden your entire house loses power for no apparent reason. Maybe you are driving down the highway at 70 mph, and your two-ton machine instantly becomes a death trap as the entire car ceases to work. As you watch other drivers careen off the road in front of you, and when you realize the power is never going to come back on, what do you do?

Today's culture loves an original apocalyptic story line, whether it be a TV series, film, or best-selling novel. Stories like "The Walking Dead," "A Handmaid's Tale," "The Road," "I Am Legend," amongst others, have captivated audiences and readers for years. Now a new post-apocalyptic series has debuted, and while it stays faithful to the terror and grittiness that one imagines following an apocalyptic event and expects from such a series, God is at the forefront. "Daily Bread" is different because it is a faith-based post-apocalyptic series. In today's secular world, a Christian message is all but absent from most shows. While TV series and films will occasionally reference Scripture ("The Walking Dead" has done this), they do not have an intentional Christian message throughout.

"Daily Bread," created, written, and directed by Nina May of Renaissance Women Productions, is an action-packed series that imagines a world gone dark, and depicts the struggle to survive while holding on to humanity. The setting is modern day yet sends society back centuries as a solar flare wipes out the earth's electrical power grid. Nina May says:

If you like God, guns and girls, this show is for you. There’s plenty of entertainment and excitement here, but also many thought provoking ‘What if?’ moments. We want viewers to discover how fragile their realities are, and that such a thing really could happen. We invite them on this journey and to put themselves in the place of the characters.

The story follows several female protagonists, each with their unique characteristics and background, as they try to survive in their new world and deal with new threats as the darkest parts of humanity begin to surface. Little do the women know that their paths will eventually intersect because of a single commonality.

Throughout the series, May hopes to reveal to her audience that, “Happiness, joy, and hope aren’t circumstantial when God is your focus. We can walk through the valley of the shadow of death – or a solar flare that knocks us back to Revolutionary times – and still emerge with our humanity intact." As we live in a world full of suffering and catastrophic events, the message is a pertinent one, and one that reinforces the Christian worldview that no matter what trials or uncertainty we face, we can turn to God for help and guidance.

With nearly perfect timing, and right before the series debut, and what could be God giving the series some good PR, NASA detected two massive solar flares. One of these flares was the biggest seen since 2008. USA Today's article states, "Flares give off radiation that cannot pass through Earth's atmosphere, but can affect radio and GPS signals, which is why some might have noticed a radio station go silent this week." In 2016, Business Insider explained how a "coronal mass ejection" (different from a solar flare) could cause trillions of dollars in damage worldwide, which makes the catastrophic event in the series much more realistic.

Unlike most series that release one episode each week, "Daily Bread" has been released in its entirety, which is great news for us binge watchers out there. To find information on how and where to view the series visit at

Watch the trailer for season one below:

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