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AP: His Majesty is Tired

It's no wonder President Obama feels comfortable taking so many vacations.  The truth is that while he's away, the lamestream media is happy to step in and deliver the administration's daily dose of BS.

As the president departs for his sixth vacation of the year, the Associated Press delivers this little gem of a headline:

Oil spill and Iraq combat over, Obama takes break

Phew!  I'd imagine a guy would be exhausted after single-handedly plugging the Gulf oil leak and bringing about an end to America's 7 1/2 year war in Iraq. The only problem is that Obama really had nothing to do with either of these significant accomplishments. 

Let's recap.  BP plugged the oil spill with limited or no help at all from the federal government, let alone from the Obama administration.  And U.S. combat troops are pulling out of Iraq according to a timetable decided on during the George W. Bush administration

So now that the AP's justifications for Obama's 10-day jaunt to Martha's Vineyard have been easily dispelled, would they like to point to actual accomplishments of this president that warrant saying, "Finally, President Barack Obama can relax on vacation"?  (emphasis mine)

Those last five vacations must've really taken a toll on the poor president, not to mention after all those rounds of golf, the poor guy must be exhausted.

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