Nevada Moving Forward With ACORN Investigation

Posted: Jul 20, 2010 12:53 PM
The state supreme court of Nevada has cleared the way for charges to proceed against ACORN for compensating individuals for the registration of voters, despite the group's dire financial straits.  The ACORN staff involved have both pleaded not guilty:

"ACORN is still limping along. It has not filed for bankruptcy, which is the state's concern," attorney Lisa Rasmussen, representing the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, told Clark County District Judge Donald Mosley.

Rasmussen said outside court that it was unclear whether a bankruptcy filing would make moot the Nevada criminal case stemming from allegations that ACORN illegally set quotas and paid canvassers based on the number of voter registration applications they turn in. ...

Conrad Hafen, a chief deputy state attorney general, said neither bankruptcy nor dissolution would "necessarily protect (ACORN) from prosecution" in Nevada.

A conviction for ACORN could mean a $5,000 fine.