Say 'Hello' to the Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Obama Promised Wouldn't Happen

Posted: Jul 14, 2010 9:50 AM
During the health care debate, we were all assured by the Obama administration and his (now coincidentally retiring "pro-lifer" friend Rep. Bart Stupak) that taxpayers should not and would not be funding abortions.  Well Proof, meet Pudding

From CNSNews:
Boehner and other Republicans point to reports that the Health and Human Services Department is giving Pennsylvania $160 million to set up a new high-risk insurance pool that will cover any abortion that is legal in the state.
"The fact that the high-risk pool insurance program in Pennsylvania will use federal taxpayer dollars to fund abortions is unconscionable," Boehner said in a statement on Tuesday.
You'll recall that the president issued a meaningless, unenforceable executive order to ensure this wouldn't happen.  IF this gets any media coverage, expect Robert Gibbs to shrug it off with an "Oops, our bad."
In a May 13 letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius, Boehner asked if her department has provided guidance to the states on how to implement the president’s Executive Order on abortion funding. Boehner also asked Sebelius if the new federal high-risk pools would exclude abortion coverage.
He says his questions remain unanswered.
Yeah, like we didn't all see this coming...
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