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Beck's New Website:

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., held a press conference this week and joined in the Left's fight to take down conservative giant Glenn Beck.  Weiner accused one of Beck's radio and TV sponsors, Goldline, of "ripping off" customers and pledged to pursue a full-fledged congressional investigation.  Here's what
he said:
There also seems to be an unholy alliance taking place between conservative commentators and this industry... One thing that we know for sure is that Goldline is a rip-off and they are a very sophisticated, multi-media rip-off.
In response, Beck and his crew have established to dispell Rep. Weiner's claims and are further drawing attention to the Left's organized movement to silence him:
Presidential adviser Jim Wallis is boycotting my show. Van Jones, former green jobs "czar" at the White House, his firm boycotting my show. Presidential economic adviser Andy Stern led SEIU's boycott of my show. But now we've graduated into a darker level; now it is official. McCarthy has appeared: Using the power of Congress to come after this show.  What are the odds that the president doesn't know three of his advisers and one congressman is doing this to one show? How afraid they must be to spend all this time and money on little old me. 
By the way, in a completely unrelated story, Weiner had a busy day Tuesday: He launched this attack on me and then a little later in the day he met with the president. Totally coincidental
Oh, one other completely unrelated story, Weiner's newly hired press secretary, until recently, worked at Media Matters — a George Soros-funded spin machine for the left. It was Media Matters who first started the lie that my ratings were down on this program. Update: May ratings year-to-year are up 22 percent. It's also Media Matters who started this ridiculous attack on gold sponsorships.
So, Beck concludes, "the only way to deal with a joke of an investigation is to treat it like one." 

Beck fans can visit site dedicated to the joke that is Anthony Weiner--and email Weiner tips to

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