Obama Approves New Rule to Help Unions Grow

Posted: May 10, 2010 12:15 PM
The Obama administration has approved a drastic new rule that will make it much easier for labor unions to organize workers in the airline and railroad industries. 

The National Mediation Board has decided to change the old rule--in place for 76 years--that required a majority of the entire workforce to favor unionizing.  Those who did not cast a vote were automatically counted as "no" votes. 

Under the new Obama administration rule, unions will only be required to secure a majority of those people who cast a vote.  AP reports:

The move is a major victory for unions that have struggled to reverse years of membership declines. The most immediate impact of the change would be at Delta Air Lines, where unions want to organize about 20,000 flight attendants.

Airlines opposing the change say it will lead to more labor disputes that disrupt commerce.

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